Best Fisters: Drew Sumrok

Drew Sumrok is our special guest in “Best Fisters” today. This guy really likes hard anal games and especially fisting. More about Drew: Hair Color : Dark brown, Eye Color : Brown, Body Type : Body builder, Body Hair : Shaved, Height : 5’9″, Position : Fisting Bottom, Cock : 7.5″, Foreskin : Cut.

One of our favorite fisters – Drew Sebastian, needs a change. For a long time he was the perfect bottom. Now is the time to be a top. He knows all the secrets of fisting. And Drew will use his knowledge skillfully. Is he good enough? Ask Drew Sumrok. The answer is yes!

This is our first combo scene with Drew Sebastian. In the video you could watch how Drew fist fucks Drew Sumrok and Brian Bonds. We’ve included some of the best moments from the movies ‘Howlers’ and ‘Full Depth’ – the scene where Drew Sumrok serves Drew’s giant dick, this one with Drew rimming Brian’s hole and of course the two scenes with Drew fisting their holes.